Curtain Price – Choosing the Right Ones

커튼설치 Curtains are a must-have in every home, but they can also be pricey. When deciding on the right ones for your space, be sure to consider their size, fabric, and rods.


To help you narrow down your options, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to shop for curtains that won’t break the bank. These retailers have tons of budget-friendly styles that are both stylish and functional.


Choosing the right size of curtain is an important part of 커튼설치 the process of designing a room. They can block light, create privacy, and help tie a space together. In addition, curtains add a sophisticated aesthetic appeal to your home.

The first step to selecting the right size for your window is to measure the width and height of your window. This is the only way you will know how much fabric is needed to fully cover your window.

A common rule for displaying curtains properly is that their finished width should be at least two times the width of your window. This can be a little more for sheer curtains, but it is usually best to keep this measurement at 1.5 to three times the width of your window.

Ready-made curtains can be purchased in a variety of widths, from 137cm (52″) to 228cm (90″). To find the width you need, measure the length of your rod between the finials.

If you choose to hang your curtains outside of your window frame, you’ll also need to account for the drop. Typically, sill length curtains fall a few inches above the windowsill, below sill curtains drop 15cm or so below the sill, and floor length curtains finish about 1cm above the floor.

Some ready-made draperies are available in a pooling or puddling style, which is ideal for outside mounts. This allows the panels to graze the floor, creating 커튼설치 an extra touch of coziness.

It’s also a great option for hiding uneven floors. However, it’s not the most practical choice if you have pets or if you often open and close your curtains.

In addition, curtains that puddle are high-maintenance because they can collect dust and animal dander. They are also more difficult to open and close, so consider your needs before purchasing these styles.

Whether you want to blend with your existing decor or pop with a bold color, the right curtains can make a difference in how your room looks and feels. For a calming, soothing look, choose neutral shades or a few shades darker than the walls in your room. For a more dramatic look, pick a brighter hue that will stand out against the walls and the furniture in your room.


The fabric that you choose for your curtains has an impact on the overall look of the curtain, as well as how it functions. A good understanding of the different types of fabrics and how they are measured can help you make the best decision.

Linen is a popular choice for curtains and looks great with a variety of styles. It comes in a range of weights, from lightweight sheer to medium-weight Irish linen and heavier Belgian linen.

Lace is another fabric that is popular for curtains and adds a delicate feminine touch to any room. Its softness is ideal for a bedroom or bathroom, but it also makes an elegant choice for a dining room.

Cotton is a durable, versatile fabric that can be used for a range of styles. It can be machine-washed, making it easy to keep clean. It is a natural fiber that can be prone to mildew, so be sure to check the fabric for mold and other signs of damage before using it.

Polyester is another option for curtains. It is durable and holds its shape when folded, making it a popular choice for drapes.

Velvet is a luxurious option for curtains and is available in several colors. It is heavy and can be a bit pricey, but it can protect your home from cold weather and also add a luxurious aesthetic to the space.

Blended fabrics are also popular for curtains and they are made from a combination of natural fibers, like cotton or linen, and synthetic. They are very easy to care for and maintain, with no wrinkling or fading compared to 100% cotton or linen.

If you are looking for a more expensive and luxurious fabric, you may want to consider silk. It is a lustrous and luxurious material, but it is more expensive than other sheers.

Damask and brocade are pricier fabrics that offer beautiful floral patterns. They can be made with or without lining, depending on the style you prefer.

It is also important to note that some blends are flammable, so you should be aware of this before purchasing. They should not be used in kitchens or near fireplaces, as they can catch fire easily.


The rods used to make your curtain are an important part of the look and feel of your curtains. The rods can frame the room, and they can also be made to blend into the decor.

They can be painted, stained, or left natural. You can find some curtain rods that are made out of wood, and you can even make your own curtain rods with a few DIY projects.

One of the easiest DIY curtain rods is to create a custom long curtain rod for your window with some inexpensive materials that you can purchase at the hardware store. A piece of electrical conduit that is 10 feet long and comes in different colors can be purchased for less than $4, and if you want to add more length to it, you can buy extra brackets or finials.

Another DIY option is to create a telescoping rod using a piece of metal. This can be a great option for any home, and it is easy to hang on the wall without tools. You can use it with curtains that are pocketed, grommetted or have back tabs and tab tops, but you may need to use clips if you’re hanging thicker curtains.

You can also choose to use a rod with a pull cord or motorized option. This type of rod is often seen in upscale hotels and can be a great way to make your curtains easier to open and close. The motor is usually on one side of the rod, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not to have it on your own side.

There are many different types of rods, so be sure to find the ones that best suit your needs. These can range from basic white curtain rods to more expensive options that are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

When choosing the rods, consider what colour you want them to be, and how they will contrast with the furniture in your room. If your furnishings are dark, you can choose a lighter rod color to give the room a more contemporary look.


When it comes to hanging curtains, you’re not short on options. You can go with a rod and bracket set up or a more sophisticated track system that allows you to hang multiple panels of drapery simultaneously, letting you create a more customized look for your space.

For formal and elegant window treatments, you might consider a curtain rod that is hidden away in the back of the fabric. This can be a great way to save money on hardware, as well as add a sense of sophistication to your window treatment scheme.

One of the best ways to make your curtain rod pop is by using the right kind of hooks and clips for your style of drapery. These small metal hooks attach to the curtain’s fabric, allowing it to be hung from the rod like a dream.

Another good idea is to use a template that you can reference during the project. While this can be time consuming, it will save you from making mistakes along the way.

In the end, the best thing about a good curtain rod is that it’s one of the most affordable window treatments you’ll ever buy. You’ll typically pay between $3 and $15 per linear foot for a rod of any length. Depending on the materials and design of your rod, you might even get a few years out of it, so this is a great option for anyone with an eye toward updating their decor while saving some cash in the process. The biggest challenge here is making sure you get the right size rod for your window and a nice looking one at that.